I have been with Mel for almost 2 years and my physique has changed an enormous amount in such a short time! Mel is the person I aspire to be one day, a triple threat, she has brains, beauty and booty!

Mel is one of the most genuine, caring, generous people I have ever met and an all round amazing coach and friend. She takes her coach hat off and puts her Mum hat on and lets you vent till your heart is content without judgement. Then will put her coach hat back on, pick you up, dust you off and hand you a new killer program to put that energy into.

I am so grateful for all the knowledge Mel has passed on and taught me, she has opened my eyes to so much.I remember the first phone call from her and I just knew I wanted to be taken under the Enduring Fitness wing. I will be forever grateful for stumbling upon Mel’s Instagram page… serendipity at its finest Xx



For my 33rd birthday, my husband offered me online coaching with Melissa. Best gift ever !! I can truly say that working with Mel has completely changed my body and my mindset. I think the pictures speak for themselves ! I never thought I could be in such an amazing shape in my thirties and after 2 kids.

Mel is very professional and dedicated, but most of all she genuinely cares about you and is absolutely lovely. She will always strive to meet your needs and adapt to your situation. She uses a gentle, realistic yet super effective approach.

Highly highly recommend if you want to take your fitness to the next level!



Melissa Crowther is such an amazing coach. She is very knowledgeable and always puts your health first. Her amazing programs and assistance every step of the way for my competition prep allowed me to get into the best shape of my life and become AWNBS Overall Fitness Champion in my very first show and then go on to earn my WNBF pro card.
She practices what she preaches and is an absolute inspiration.
She genuinely cares for her clients and listens to your particular needs. Her flexibility at the drop of a hat when needed makes her irreplaceable.
Very blessed to find a coach as amazing as her.


I have been in the fitness industry myself for 30 years (!!!) and have seen the starvation diets, limited chicken/rice, endless cardio and take your money and “run” coaches. However i have found in my short time being with you (almost 12 weeks) I have learnt SO much about nutrition, long term health and feeling my best.

I am a 45 year old Mother of busy twin boys and feel awesome. I have never been exposed to IIFYM and am LOVING IT! It has been a real learning curve though as it is very different to the limited “comp prep” diets I have been on in the past.. but this is “forever” term.

Mel I’m so glad i came across you. You are caring, VERY patient, yet honest and take a very individual approach to each of your clients.. no cookie cutter programs here!

I’m so excited for the future for both competing and just getting into the best shape of my life.. at 46! It has started already! Here’s to many years ahead!



Mel is such a true inspiration herself. Her hard work and dedication to her clients is amazing. I feel so lucky to be able to call her my coach. Mel is so down to earth, easily approachable and always willing to help. She understands exactly what you are going through each step as she herself has experienced it all. #bootyqueen


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