Booty Squad Training

Program One released 17 January 2018!

Do you aspire to build the physique of a Fitness Model? Do you want to build your body to create shapely lean muscle, make your peach peachier, get your delts popping, create the illusion of a smaller waist and gain strength and confidence?

Do you want to train just the way I do but can’t afford personalised coaching?

Then here is your solution.

The Enduring Fitness Booty Squad online coaching group is starting in January 2018.

What is it?

Every 6 weeks, I will be releasing a program designed by me. If you have been following me on social media, you will know that “It’s all about the booty”. The program will be designed to build and enhance the shape of the glutes in particular, plus the upper back and shoulders to enhance the feminine physique and build muscle in the all the right places.  No muscle group is neglected and the whole body will be trained, however the areas above are our main focus.

Who is it for?

Initially the programs will be designed for the intermediate to advanced athlete and will require you to be injury free with at least 6-12 months of prior weight training experience. You will need to be competent in the techniques of the squat, deadlift and hip thrust exercises (if not it is suggested you have your form checked in person by a qualified and competent Personal Trainer). You will be weight training for approximately 1 hour, 5 times per week.

Who should not attempt this program?

This program should not be attempted by beginners (less than 6-12 months of consistent weight training), anyone suffering from a major illness or injury, or those who may currently be pregnant.

Program One will be released on the 17th January. This is essentially a ‘Take Away’ Program that you simply just go away and work on at your own pace so can purchase your program and start at any time you wish!

But for those that want a little support, I have a closed Facebook group that anyone doing the program is free to join, with an official start date beginning on the 22nd January.

Train together and support each other throughout the duration of your program. At the end of your 6 weeks, you may go on to purchase the next program or choose to just continue on your own journey.

The program will be available for purchase for the duration of the 6 weeks and then withdrawn from sale when the new release starts 6 weeks later.

What about Nutrition and Cardio?

Nutrition is a very personalised area and at this point in time, this program will not be venturing into the area of nutrition, personalised macro recommendations or personalised cardio requirements (I also offer custom programs/nutrition and a limited amount of clients for weekly online coaching for those that need something more)

However I will be providing optional cardio ideas for those that are focusing on Fat Loss. But in general, the programs will be for the person who simply wishes to have an affordable weight training/booty focused program to follow alongside their own nutrition plan.

I have very limited availablity for Personalised Coaching including Flexible Dieting Nutrition at certain times throughout the year (currently booked out as at Jan 2018).


  • Is this the booty training series you’ve been working on for a while now? No this is actually something different! I have kept that in the background to make it really comprehensive and thorough (more like an E-Book). These programs are going to be different to the E-Book/Booty Series that I have been working on. I wanted to get this Booty Squad up and running so we can get you all started on some of my booty training without further delays.
  • How much does it cost? The cost of each program (released every 6 weeks) is AU$30.00
  • What do I get for my $30.00? You will receive a program carefully designed by me, focused on growing your glutes and building the bikini body shape. It will be in a downloadable PDF format sent directly to your email. You will also be given a link to join a private Facebook Group with other members doing the same program, where I will be putting bonus glute building tips and tricks in there each week and bonus booty workouts, exercises and videos.
  • Do I have to join the Facebook group? No you can just take your program to do on your own at your own pace! However you may be missing out on extra bonuses exclusive to members that join the Facebook group.
  • Can beginners join the program? Unfortunately this program is not for beginners as it involves quite a high volume of training and some advance training techniques. I recommend this program for the intermediate to advanced athlete and acceptance of this program will require you to be injury free with at least 6-12 months of prior weight training experience. You will need to be competent in the techniques of the squat, deadlift and hip thrust exercises (if not it is suggested you have your form checked in person by a qualified and competent Personal Trainer).
  • How much time commitment will be needed to do this program? You will be training for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, 5 times per week (sometimes there will be optional bonus work).
  • What equipment do I need? This is a gym based program with basic machines and free weights required. However if you have a basic home gym with a dumbells, barbells, weights and a basic gym set up you should be able to do most of the program at home with some modifications or simply excluding some exercises. Additionally there will be band work involved, (latex tie up bands, or looped bands for around your knees/ankles). It is recommended you purchase a medium to large power band or two (similar to this one) if your gym does not supply these. Ankle weights of between 1kg and 2.5kg per ankle are also useful for extra resistance in some exercises but not required. Ankle cable attachments will also be used in some of the programs but most gyms will supply these.
  • Can I get a refund if I don’t like the program? Unfortunately as this is a digital download, refunds cannot be given. However I am sure you will love the variety that these programs will bring to your training and my clients all love their booty building programs! Remember building muscle and building your glutes takes time! One 6 week program will not build a big set of glutes. But following a great, highly effective well designed series of programs will mean you can continually progress over the weeks and months and years. I will be supplying a new program every 6 weeks and you can purchase as many or as little as you like. However remember that when a new program is released, the other will be removed from purchase, therefore I encourage you to do as many programs as you can back to back for best results.
  • What sort of results can I expect to see? Results are highly dependent a variety of factors including age, genetics, training level, commitment to the program, diet (also whether in a calorie deficit or surplus) etc. My programs can be used whether in a calorie surplus or deficit. But if your goal is to build muscle and build your booty, then a maintenance level of calories or very small surplus is recommended. Fat loss may be attained with correct nutrition to ensure you are in a small calorie deficit and you may or may not choose to include your own cardio in your regime.
  • How do I calculate the calories and macros I need to be on? I cannot provide personalised calories and macros to everyone doing this program at this point in time, therefore I recommend an online app such as Avatar Nutrition.

HOW TO SIGN UP:  The first release will be on Wednesday 17th January. Unfortunately I cannot take payments/automatic program download through this website until website upgrades are in place. For the first release payment can be made through PayPal or Electronic Transfer to my Bank Account. (Details below).

IMPORTANT: By purchasing the program you agree to the following terms and conditions outlined in the Indemnity and Release form for Enduring Fitness – Melissa Crowther (Personal Trainer) 2018. Please download and read thoroughly before purchase of your program:

EF Booty Squad Indemnity Form 2018


Please note due to some issues with my website I cannot process payments through here until I have made some upgrades. I will have this all in place before the release of Program Two.

To purchase the program:

  • Download and Read the Booty Squad Indemnity Form 2018 (Linked above)
  • Visit
  • Non Australian Residents you may need to just go to (without the .au)
  • Log into your account (or sign up if you don’t have one, it’s free and easy!)
  • Transfer funds of $30AU ($30.00 Australian Dollars) to
  • Ensure your email address is correct as this is where I will be emailing your PDF program
  • Please allow 24 hours for your Program to arrive in your inbox as I will be emailing these out separately until my website is upgraded
  • Please check your spam as it may go there


Alternately, if you cannot sign up for a PayPal account, please email me at with Booty Squad Program in the subject line and I will send you Electronic Transfer Bank Details

Thank you and I will have a direct and secure purchasing system from my website before Program Two begins!

Lets get #peachy

Photo Credit: ABC Creative Photography

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