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Enduring Fitness

Coach - Fitness Model - Competitor

Specialised Glute Trainer

Building Better Glutes

Online Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer

Specialising In Body Re-composition and Competition Preparation

About Melissa

Enduring Fitness  is the home to Fitness Competitor, Coach and Personal Trainer Melissa Crowther.

Melissa is the 2017 NSW IFBB Bikini Open Champion, the NSW IFBB Masters Champion, the National IFBB Masters Bikini Champion and the IFBB South Pacific/Oceania Masters Bikini Champion (more…)

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Fitness Coaching

Melissa is available for both Online Coaching and One-on-One Personal Training.


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For coaching enquiries, please contact



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Welcome to Enduring Fitness – the online home of Personal Trainer, Fitness Model and Bikini competitor Melissa Crowther.

adjective – definition;

lasting, permanent, lasting over a period of time, lifelong

I started in the fitness industry nearly 20 years ago. I have seen lots of fads come and go.  But a smart, educated, sensible approach to your  fitness should be a priority. If your health and fitness regime isn’t something that you can see yourself doing for a very long time, maybe even the rest of your life, perhaps it isn’t the right approach for you. I believe above else, your fitness should be enduring

Melissa Crowther – Enduring Fitness